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Business Transformation Tools

Here are some examples of business transformation tools that you should know.

Examples of Business Transformation Tools 

1. CRM

Customer Relationship Management tool or CRM provides a database of information about the customer. This database is also used to help the organization in keeping track of their relationship with the customers. 

This tool also helps maintain customer profitability and in the future development of the company. Besides, the CRM tool can be implemented through software or a combination of hardware and software, for instance.

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2. ERP

The Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a business process management tool. Also, you can implement it in a single location or several locations for a particular business. So it can be used in a single industry or multiple industries. The ERP helps in the management of both the operations and the planning in a company.

3. BI

Business Intelligence or BI is a mechanism that leads to data integration from different sources and helps in the analysis of this data. The BI can be used in a variety of areas such as performance management, strategy management, risk management, customer relationship management, and many more.

4. SFA

The SalesForce Automation or SFA is a software tool that helps in the automation of a sales force and increases its effectiveness. The SFA helps in the automation of the activities involved in the sales process such as lead management, lead qualification, order management, and many more.

5. MCA

The Manufacturing Cost Accounting or MCA is a software tool. It works to reduce the cost of production of a product by increasing productivity and eliminating wastage, for example. This tool helps to keep track of both the financial and operational data of the company.

6. TMS

The Transportation Management System or TMS assists in managing an organization’s freight cost. For example, by improving the transportation process and optimizing resources through information technology. 

This tool also helps in increasing customer satisfaction by timely delivery of materials to customers. 

7. SIMS 

SIMS stands for Strategic Information Management System or Strategic Information Management System. In addition, this is one of the best business transformation tools. Which helps to ensure the successful delivery of strategic initiatives. So it ensures that all strategic activities are in lign with the organizational goals.

This system, moreover, uses an integrated approach towards planning, execution, monitoring, and control. For instance, it:

  • provides an integrated view across all departments & functions
  • promotes collaboration between different stakeholders
  • reduces the cost & time associated with planning, designing & implementing new systems
  • makes decisions based on facts rather than opinions
  • provides flexibility to make mid-course corrections if required
  • enhances accountability since it monitors & reports on progress at regular intervals.

8.” BizFlow” 

BizFlow is another popular business transformation tool that enables companies to manage all their processes using one system. 

It allows companies to do the following, for instance:

  • manage documents
  • sign features & approvals
  • invoicing
  • payment & collections
  • tracking & tracing 
  • workflow management 
  • automation workflows support
  • customization & integration 
  • analytics & reporting capabilities


SAP is a widely used business transformation tool across the globe. It also provides an end-to-end business solutions for all industries & verticals. 

It can be used to automate core business processes such as supply chain management, manufacturing, customer relationship management, human resources, etc.

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