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Engage Employees

Tips on How to Engage Employees for a Better Workplace

A happy workplace is a thriving workplace. One way is to engage employees and keep them working at their best. So what can leaders do to engage their employees? And thus, help them maximize each one’s productivity?  Here are tips on how you can do so. Ads by Digital Adoption How to Engage Employees (for …

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Data management job description

Data Management Job Description

Here is a data management job description to know what to look for in a data manager for digital transformation. Data Management Job Description A Data Manager, also known as a Data Management Specialist, creates data-driven solutions to satisfy the goals of a business or research team. Their responsibilities include creating data management systems, procedures, …

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digital transformation in business

Meaning of Digital Transformation in Business

What is the meaning of digital transformation in business? Digital Transformation in Business To meet changing business and market requirements, digital transformation is the process of employing digital technology to build new — or adapt current — business processes, culture, and consumer experiences. It goes beyond standard sales, marketing, and customer service functions. Digital transformation …

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Digital Transformation and Enterprise Architecture

Digital transformation and enterprise architecture are mutually benefiting each other in a way and two.  What is Digital Transformation and Enterprise Architecture? Digital transformation is a continuous process in which an organization creates, captures, and distributes value in the digital world. Digital transformation is not just a technology strategy for IT but rather a strategic business …

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What is a Digital Transformation Assessment Framework?

In assessing your organization’s digital maturity, it is best to follow a digital transformation assessment framework. It can serve as your guide or basis for either success or more improvements. So in this article, we will be discussing more a digital transformation assessment framework.  What is a Digital Transformation Assessment Framework? It is a set …

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