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Digital Transformation Tool Review: Iconosquare Features, Price, And Details

Digital Transformation is changing thousands of companies to their better version of themselves. Tools like Iconosquare can help you reach the process faster and more effective.

What is Iconosquare?

In the past years, Instagram has taken social media by storm compares to other media sites and apps. However, to help you measure following and to expand your follower range through Instagram, Iconosquare is the right tool for that analytics.

This brilliant was created back in 2011 by Statigram. Back then it has already more than 10 million members who are using the service around the world. Moreover. top companies and agencies consider Iconosquare to manage their media activity.

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Overview of Iconosquare Benefits And Features

  • Management, Analysis, and Engagement

With Iconosquare, you will have superior management, analysis and engagement ability in your social media marketing, Moreover, you can easily manage your posts through advance scheduling, drafting, and posting.

  • Better  Notification

With this tool, you can get notices in time of publishing so that you know very well what your fans are looking for on your account. Personalized Instagram feeds enable you to adhere to particular hashtags and groups. You may also search for hashtags and users.

  • Easy to Use

With Iconosquare, using Instagram for video and photo contests will be easier than ever. What you just have to do is pick any kind of hashtags of your choice. This tool will gather the photos in a photo gallery. It enables you to focus on additional jobs simply by saving period.

  • Advanced Comment Tracking

This solution tool comes with a feature called Comment Tracking. This brilliant feature can track as much as 30 followers and lets you react to them. You are able to mark all of them as go through, reply to every one of them individually and delete the inappropriate feedback from a few outspoken fans.

Iconosquare Pricing Plans:

Iconosquare comes with Free Trial, Starter Plan for $9/mo, Pro Plan for $39/mo, Advanced Plan for $79/mo, and Agency Plan to contact the vendor.

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