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Features of Collaboration Tools to Look For

collaboration tools

Collaboration tools are one of the digital workplace’s must-haves. So what features should you look for when choosing the right one for your business?

Features of Collaboration Tools

1. Scalability

The scalability to meet the growing needs of your business is one of the most important features of collaboration tools. For example, if you are using a cloud-based collaboration tool to share information with your colleagues, you will need to be able to access the information at any time. This requires the ability to scale up as your business grows to meet the demands.

2. Security

Security is also important when it comes to collaboration tools. You will want one that offers strong security features so that confidential information remains protected.

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3. Integration

You may already have other digital workplace tools in place that you want to be integrated with your collaboration tool, whether it’s email or other applications that are used regularly by employees. Make sure your collaboration tool has a connector to these other elements of your business to make sharing information as easy as possible.

4. Integration with Other Tools

Another important feature is how it integrates with your other digital workplace tools. If you have other cloud-based tools that you use regularly, such as email, you should be able to integrate them with your collaboration tool.

5. Sharing Options

You should also look for a collaboration tool that offers different sharing options, including whiteboarding and commenting functionality. These tools allow for more interactive conversations and better collaboration between team members.

6. Ease of Use

When you’re choosing a collaboration tool, ease of use for your employees is also important. If the tool is hard to use or takes too much time to learn, it will be difficult to get your team to use it regularly.

7. Social Integration

It’s important to look for a collaboration tool that is social and allows for sharing of content via social channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. This means that employees can share their work with their peers and customers without having to leave the digital workplace tool.

8. Mobile Access Feature

If you have remote employees, you should also look for a collaboration tool that offers mobile access. This way employees can easily share information and stay connected to the team while they are away from the office.

9. Technology and Security Features

Collaboration tools that include video and teleconferencing features, such as Zoom and Skype, allow you to communicate with team members more quickly and easily. These tools make it easy to do work outside of the office, which can save you money on travel costs. Additionally, collaboration tools that include video and teleconferencing features make it easier for your employees to collaborate with customers or other businesses.


Collaboration tools are a great way to keep everyone on the same page and make sure that you’re all working towards the same goals. The right collaboration tool can help you share information quickly and easily, while also keeping your business secure with strong security features.

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