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build a digital-ready culture

Here are ways on how you can build a digital-ready culture:

Building a Digital-Ready Culture

1. Create a digital space 

Create a digital space wherein you will store the company’s digital assets. You can use a cloud storage service or you can create an internal cloud server. The important thing is, make sure that everyone in the company knows where this cloud storage is and how to access it.

2. Create a social media policy 

You can have a social media policy that will guide your employees on what they should do on their own time and while they are in the office as long as they are connected to the digital world. This policy has to be clear and specific so that everyone will know what to expect in terms of online behavior.

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3. Make sure that your employees know how to use the internet

Make sure that your employees know how to use the internet and the basics of digital usage so that they can become productive members of the company without getting lost in a maze of online and digital products.

 A good way to do this is to have them constantly interact with the social media accounts of the company so that they will know how to navigate through their accounts.

4. Train your employees on how to use social media and the internet responsibly

After you make sure that your employees are familiar with the internet and how it works, you should train them on how to use social media and the internet responsibly. You can do this by setting rules on what they can post in their accounts, as well as how they should interact with their followers so that they will not harm the company’s reputation.

Training should also be on how they should deal with conflict or disputes. For instance, with other people through social media or any other digital platform. You must teach them about proper online etiquette. This is for the benefit of everyone. For instance, including themselves, their company, as well as the people who are connected to them online.

In addition, training may be done by conducting seminars, in-house lectures or workshops, and one-on-one training. The important thing is, whatever training method you choose, make sure that every employee will be able to fully understand what is being taught and make sure that training will be effective.

Training employees about digital usage should also be included in other training like training for new hires or training for career development – whichever applies to your business needs.

5. Create an online etiquette guide. 

As mentioned above, training should be done for your employees so that everyone will know what is appropriate when it comes to social media usage, internet usage, and digital interaction with other people.

You can have this online etiquette guide as a printed copy or as a PDF file that can be downloaded from your company website. In addition, you can also include this document in the employee handbook of your company.

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