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Digital Transformation has what it takes to elevate your company to another level. Read this post to find out more.

What Is Stripe?

Stripe is known best as an excellent tool that allows you, either you have a small or huge business, to make and receive payments over the Internet. Moreover, this tool comes with features that prevent you from fraud, technical errors, banking infrastructure, and etc.

This tool has one of the most powerful and flexible features that boost your internet commerce. These include creating subscription service, e-commerce store, demand marketplace, and crowdfunding platform.

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Stripe comes with a clear designed API that empowers you to create the best product you can for your customers. Moreover, thousands and thousands of digital companies around the world have placed this tool as one of its foundation blocks.

Stripe Features And Benefits

  • Connect

One of Stripe’s features called Connect is a repayment system for bigger market segments. With Connect up, you are able to customize onboarding, set payout timing, and permit for complicated cash motion for the clients that use the market place.

  • Stripe Atlas

Another feature, Stripe Atlas, is a toolkit intended for business owners to work with to set up an excellent internet business. With Atlas, you can create a home bank account, obtain a debit card, get taxes and legal guidance, and start processing obligations via this brilliant tool.

Atlas internet marketers get unique deals upon services highly relevant to startup companies. These types of consist of $5, 000 free of charge credits coming from Amazon Internet Services and more.

  • Sigma

As stated above, Stripe possesses integrated confirming features yet using Sigma you are able to create completely customizable reviews with the development vocabulary SQL. If you can set a SQL question, Sigma can supply you the info intended for this ideal in your dash.


With Stripe, it offers you a standard price for 2.9% + $0.30 fee for handling online credit card transactions. Furthermore, it has enterprise volume discounts available to businesses that generate $80,000 or more in monthly sales.

What Is Digital Transformation?

Whether you like it or not, the result of digital transformation is different from each company. Thus, defining the process for the exact words is hard and challenging.

However, most experts agree that digital transformation is a process that integrates technology into all areas of your company. It also resulted in a huge change in how your company work or operates, deliver value or products, entertaining customers, and more.

Moreover, the process can also affect your company’s culture, challenging its status quo often which makes your company immune to failure. For example, it might require you to abandon some business process that you love or where your company accustom from and defined.

Some believe that the process is involved in an essential reimagining phase of how you can teach your employee and customers to the new technology that you want to implement. Thus, it results in changing your company from its core

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