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Project management tools and techniques

Project Management Tools and Techniques

Here are examples of project management tools and techniques that a leader should know to improve project management. Project Management Tools and Techniques 1. PERT Chart or Gantt Chart  This chart type is used to plan the time required for the¬†completion of tasks in a project. These chart types can be useful to schedule the …

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efficient business practices

Efficient Business Practices that Every Workplace Needs

Having efficient business practices is essential for a thriving workplace. However, a lot is lacking. What are these work practices and systems that you should start having now? Efficient Business Practices that Every Workplace Needs Every workplace should have efficient business practices. But, instead of focusing on these efficient business practices, they are backtracking. This …

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business transformation

Benefits of Business Transformation

Business transformation is a change management strategy that encompasses any shift, realignment, or fundamental adjustment in a company’s operations. The goal is to improve the company’s alignment with its business strategy and vision by changing processes, people, or systems (technology). Benefits of Business Transformation Digital transformation offers the potential to unlock new lines of revenue, …

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Business Transformation Tools

Business Transformation Tools Examples

Here are some examples of business transformation tools that you should know. Examples of Business Transformation Tools  1. CRM Customer Relationship Management tool or CRM provides a database of information about the customer. This database is also used to help the organization in keeping track of their relationship with the customers.¬† This tool also helps …

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