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What is digital Maturity

What is Digital Maturity?

Digital Maturity is an approach to digital transformation that helps organizations to think through the implications of digital transformation on a business, and to plan and execute accordingly. Also, digital maturity models are useful because they help us to think through the implications of digital transformation on a business. They help us to think about …

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digital readiness assessment

What is a Digital Readiness Assessment?

A Digital Readiness Assessment is a one-time process that helps you identify opportunities to improve your business processes, financial performance, and overall operations. The assessment will help you move forward with confidence by giving you a clear picture of the current state of your business while providing insight on how to reach your desired future …

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importance of digital readiness

What is the Importance of Digital Readiness?

Businesses should never undermine the importance of digital readiness. Digital readiness is the level of preparedness that an organization has to leverage the digital revolution.  In addition, an organization can identify and tackle the issues posed by the digital revolution, especially about technology. The readiness of an organization is dependent on its ability to embrace …

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What Does it Mean to Be Digital-Ready?

Being digital-ready is a bit of an amorphous concept, but if you want to be successful at digital marketing, there are several aspects of your business that need to be considered. Digital Marketing Readiness as a Business is Being Digital-Ready Your business has to be set up for¬†success with digital marketing.¬†Here are some ways to …

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build a digital-ready culture

How to Build a Digital-Ready Culture?

Here are ways on how you can build a digital-ready culture: Building a Digital-Ready Culture 1. Create a digital space  Create a digital space wherein you will store the company’s digital assets. You can use a cloud storage service or you can create an internal cloud server. The important thing is, make sure that everyone …

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digital-ready culture

What is a Digital-Ready Culture?

A digital-ready culture is a culture that knows that digital is not an option. It is inevitable. It is all around us and as a result, it must be embraced, understood, and leveraged to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. What are some of the key components of a Digital-Ready Culture? Data: The …

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