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What you can Learn from Successful Digital Transformation Companies

Digital Transformation Companies

Do you want to improve your digital transformation strategy? Here’s what you can learn from successful digital transformation companies.

Success Strategies from Digital Transformation Companies

Digital transformation is a complex and challenging journey, and it is no surprise that many organizations struggle to achieve their transformation goals. However, there are many digital transformation companies that provide excellent examples of how to be successful. 

Here is what you can learn from companies like Amazon, Nike, and Spotify.

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1. Amazon Prime

When Amazon first introduced Prime delivery, they offered two-day shipping on a variety of products. But they have since expanded their services to include same-day delivery in certain areas. They have also expanded their services to include music and television streaming. As well as photo storage and a Kindle lending library. 

Also, Amazon Prime customers can even get restaurant delivery from local restaurants with the help of Amazon Restaurants. They add these features over time as Amazon has been able to find ways to integrate them into customer’s lives. So that they become new habits. In some instances, Amazon has been able to provide these services at a lower cost than competitors as part of the Prime offering. 

Amazon Prime also uses aggressive bundling strategies to encourage customers to use more of their services. For example, Amazon Music Unlimited is part of the company’s Prime membership package for no additional charge. This helps drive increased usage of the service. Since people who sign up for this package are more likely to use all the features included with their membership. Rather than opting for a cheaper alternative from a competitor. 

In addition, Amazon has been able to build trust with its customer base. For instance, by offering great value coupled with an outstanding customer experience. 

This strategy has allowed them to become the second-biggest online retailer in the U.S., and it is one that can be applied across industries. The key lesson here is that providing great value with an outstanding customer experience will help you build trust with your customers which will ultimately lead to bottom-line growth in your business.

2. Nike Run Club App

Many runners were using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for running clubs online. So they decided to take advantage of this opportunity by creating an app called Nike+ Run Club App.

So they found success by offering users support in reaching their running goals through challenges with other runners in their club or through virtual coaching features provided by professional athletes. The app has been successful in converting users into loyal customers because it helps them achieve something that was previously

 difficult to achieve on their own.

The key lesson here is that you need to find ways to help your customers achieve something that they have been struggling to achieve on their own, and then build a business around that strategy.

3. Spotify

Originally, Spotify was conceived as a music streaming service where users could listen to all the music they wanted for a monthly subscription fee. While this business model has been very successful, Spotify recently made an important decision to expand its service by adding podcasts and video content.

This move will help the company reach new customers who might not be interested in paying for music and also allow them to convert existing customers into multi-platform users. When you build a product that is appealing and easy to use, you can expand your customer base by adding additional features and services over time. The key lesson here is that it is better to start with a basic offering and then add additional services over time than it is to try and create everything from scratch at once. 

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